Raspberry Pi 2 & TNC-Pi 2 : Where it starts

Raspberry Pi 2     I have been working with Raspberry Pi's for some time now, and I have decided that the APRS iGates in my area are somewhat lacking in their abilities to TX/RX packets. I have been loosing packets, and responces from other APRS users. Its not that the local iGates are disfunctional, its just that where we are, the landscape really affects propogation and thus the transport of beacons.

     I came across the Raspberry Pi 2 at a Robotics shop in Nanaimo BC. BC Robotics to be precise. They answered all my questions, and I walked away with the equipment along with a wifi adapter and power supply. In only an hour I was up and running Raspian and toying around the the new GUI and built in software, including Xastir. This was all to peak my interest, and test the ability of the Pi 2 compared to my older Pi B+.