New Cherokee

     So, the time has come. The "On Road ONLY" vehicles have been replaced by a Jeep Cherokee... Okay.. Maybe not "Replaced" but augmented. My Car, and my Wifes Car are both 4Motion VW's. Neither of which will EVER see the dirt. You know... 2" of ground clearance and all. SO, that being said, we live on Vancouver Island, in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, and we need to take advantage of that while we are here. Other wise we will be missing out on some great places that we may never get to see again.

     We didn't do a LOT to the Jeep, its an 1989 and was very well taken care of. The interior was faded and a little warn but nothing major. The body is insanely clean. The floors look as if its never seen rain or any water at all really. To "Make it ours" we did a 6" lift, locked the diffs, put on new steel rims and 33" x 12.5" tires. In total almost 9" of lift. New headlights are on the way, and a roof basket is being made. I will be installing the Kenwood D710 as soon as I can mount the antenna on the roof basket. I need to find a way to mount it so I can fold it, other wise.... its going to be HELL in underground parking.

     In the future I may get HF going in the Cherokee, but for now Its going to be VHF / UHF only. I am going to try to get Sky Command working with my TS-2000. THAT would give me some limited HF capabilities out in the woods. But very limited, as in.. to within ear shot of the QTH. With our new DMR handhelds, I'm going to try to do some Cross band repeat with DMR. I am REALLY hoping that it will work. That will extend the range of our Walkie Talkies and make them MUCH more useful.